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The speed at which change occurs these days makes it increasingly hard to stay ahead of events, but with higher-than-ever stakes, it is vital for those of us in the risk business to continue to do so.

At our company, we focus on looking ahead, while remaining mindful of today's major topics. It is the knowledge and understanding of yesterday and today that will equip the insurance industry to fulfill its role in global and local markets, by being ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our industry is changing and opportunities are growing. To ensure stability in the future, brokers like us have to be vigilant of business prospects, in emerging markets, and markets closer to home. Our society is changing. From class action suits to business continuity management and pandemic preparedness we investigate how we can stay ahead of the game, to offer you, our clients, security as the landscape shifts around you.

Our environment — natural and manmade — is changing faster than ever. Our team looks at the growing role of the insurance industry in environmental pitfalls inherent in the industry. Our industry's rules and regulations have evolved — and understanding the complexity of today's global regulatory framework requires knowledge and experience, whether to enable customers to benefit from global programs or get the best coverage for our clients.

Arguably, preparation for the future has never been more complex. It has certainly never been so critical. As insurers, we want to work with our clients to make sure that "business as usual" can continue — in these most business-unusual times. Thank you for joining and considering us to face these important issues today. I look forward to doing business with you.




 Alwi Kosasih SE, MM, APAI, CIIB, ANZIIF (Snr Assoc) CIP


              President Director

       PT. Bhinneka Cipta Lestari

              Insurance Broker

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